Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Here I am

Life is ever changing....thats one thing I love and hate about it. I just married my best friend on February 26th, and he is shipping out for basic training for the Air Force on March 22nd....its coming up awfully fast. I only get three weeks total to just be married to this amazing man before he leaves me for eight and a half weeks...our only communication will be old fashioned letters..I know this will be a challenge and huge test of our relationship. Even harder, I know I have to be strong for him and not let him know how difficult it actually will be... I'm so excited for our future with the Air Force, who knows where we will be moving in August and how much life will change! I would be a fool if I wasn't at least a little scared.

I just keep praying about it...that's really all I can do. Pray, and be the best wife I can possibly be to the man that deserves the best. I love him so incredibly much, and I know we are a strong couple...6 and a half years later, here we are, newlyweds, figuring out this crazy world together. More to come :)