Wednesday, June 2, 2010


If I could describe this year in one word it would be "transition." So much in my life has changed just since 2010 rolled around. I moved back to Dayton, married my high school sweetheart, moved into our house, and after three weeks of marriage he left for Basic Military Training in San Antonio, TX. Not much time to settle into being newlyweds, but its the way things had to work out. Those incredible three weeks were followed by eight and a half incredibly difficult weeks, for him definitely but for me in other ways. The distance was hard..and not being able to talk to my best friend took a lot of getting used to..A few short phone calls and a few short letters. That time felt like years to me..I am just thankful that it is now in the past!

Finally on May 20th, I finally got to see him again :) His family and I travelled to Texas for his BMT graduation!!! Not only did he successfully graduate from BMT, but he graduated in the top 8% out of 706 graduates! I cannot describe to you how immensely proud I am of my Airman :) Plus I got to spend four amazing days with him...and that time was so precious to me. I had missed not being able to talk to my best friend or see at least we can communicate! Improvement, even if it is just a little, is still improvement.

Now I am back in Tennessee in yet another transition stage. Aaron is beginning his tech school training, still in San Antonio, while I am here working for a local photographer, Samantha Tilley. This job is such a blessing! Finally I get to work in the photography world on a daily basis! I'm learning new things every day and soaking in as much experience as I can, which makes me so happy. I feel like my skills are improving and plus, the job keeps me busy and challenges me, two things I needed!

Soon Aaron and I will know which AF Base we will be moving to and when...also, if we are able to have our wedding we have been planning on July is looking very doubtful, but it will all be okay. I am so thankful that Aaron and I made the decision to get married before he left for basic, because who knows when we would be able to have a wedding! And plus, 6+ years was more than long enough to wait to marry my best friend :)

So we are waiting....waiting for more information about our future...therefore waiting for more transitions to come.